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1、Look at those yellow minis,the drivers are almost all the owners。你看那些黄的面包车,多数司机都是开自己的车。

2、How do I get to the metro station? 请问如何前往地下铁路站

3、Shall we take a tour to the Summer Palace,Mrs。White?我们去颐和园游览好吗?

4、Does the morning tour visit the U。 N。 ? 上午这次旅游参观联合国总部吗?

5、 Let me check the metre out。我察看一下计价器。

6、But on their wedding day he was seized by the emperor's soldirs and taken to the Great Wall to work。但是在他们结婚的那天,皇帝的士兵把他抓走了,带他去修长城。

7、Fine。 Please reserve me a seat for this Saturday。 好,请为我预订一个本周六的座位。

8、This hall is entirely different from any of the royal courts I have seen in the west。过去我在西方看到的宫殿和这个大殿很不相同。

9、Excuse me,is this the Gusu Travel Agency?对不起,这里是姑苏旅行社吗?

10、We can go up to the Longevity Hill and have a broad view of all the fascinating scenes from there。我们可以上万寿山,在那儿所有的迷人景色都能一览无遗。

11、A peaceful and tranquil atmosphere permeates the place。这地方充满着一种宁静的气氛。

12、Please remember to come here before 11 o'clock。请记住11点前赶回来。

13、Do you have a good business being a taxi driver?出租车生意好吗?

14、The car is waiting at the front door of our hotel,let's set off right now。汽车已在旅馆前门等候,让我们马上出发吧。

15、In 221 BC,in Shanxi Province there was a poor scholar。公元前221年,山西有一位穷书生。

16、We'd like to go to Tiantan Park。我们想去天坛公园。

17、But I'm afraid one day is not enough to see all the intetesting places。可是要看遍所有景观恐怕一天时间是不够的。

18、This is the world-famous Forbidden city where once emperors,empresses and their families lived。这就是举世闻名的紫禁城,曾经是帝王、后妃和他们亲族居住的地方。

19、In the subsequent dynasties,the Great Wall was rebuiltmany times。在后来的各个朝代,长城又被多次修建。

20、I'd like to look at some travel packages to Yunnan。我想看看去云南旅行有哪些路线。

21、Mine is 2 yuan a kilometre。我的车是 2元钱一公里。

22、This adjustable seat is so comfortable that I may take a nap before climbing the Great Wall。 这个可调式座椅非常舒服。我可以在爬长城前先睡一小觉。

23、Now,we come to another magnificent chamber in which you can see all kinds of ancient furniture。现在,让我们来到另一个宏伟大厅,在这里你可以看到各种古老的家具。

24、The dragon's head is beautifully modeled and is rising proudly over there。龙头塑造得非常漂亮,它高傲地在那里仰望。

25、How do I get to the airport? 请问如何前往机场?

26、There're blue sky,beautiful trees and big buildings ahead。晴空丽日,前面是婀娜多姿的树木和高楼大厦。

27、Let's set off right away。让我们马上就动身吧。

28、Slow down please so that I can enjoy the sights。开慢点,我们好欣赏景色。

29、 How do I get to the post office? 请问如何前往邮政局?

30、Famous pine tree such as the“Flying Dragon” and the“Twin Dragons”are found there。在莲花峰,还能看到一些名闻遐迩的松树,如“飞龙松”和“双龙松”。

31、Where do I meet the bus? 我在哪儿乘车?

32、On your right is Tiandu Feng,one of the three main peaks of Huangshan and also the steepest。在你们的右边是黄山三大主峰之一的天都峰,也是最陡的一座山峰。

33、Yes, I'd like to make a reservation to Boston next week。 是的,我想订一张下周飞往波斯顿的机票。

34、 It seems to be going at least 60 miles an hour。 我看至少有 60 英里的时速。

35、Please allow me to inquire about the history of this famous garden,would you?请允许我们打听一下这个花园的历史,好吗?

36、We are deeply attracted by its interesting history。我们都被它的有趣的历史深深地吸引住了。

37、Now,we are standing on the grounds of the imperial palace。我们现在是站在宫殿的广场上。

38、Good morning。 The United Airlines。 What can I do for you? 早上好。美国联合航空公司。我能为您做些什嘛?

39、Green mountains roll over one another。青山层峦叠嶂。

40、And it was built more than 000 years ago?是在000多年前建的吗?

41、 One of my friends told me it's very difficult to get a cabin Beijing。我的一个朋友告诉我说在北京很难找到出租车。

42、These gardens are not large but curious in their de-signs。这些庭园规模不大,但设计巧妙。

43、I appreciate very much your exquisite historical culture。我欣赏到贵国许多精彩的历史文化。

44、The Great Wall meanders from east to west for about000 kilometers or 000 li。长城从东到西蜿蜒约 000 公里,也就是1000里。

45、According to our travelling schedule,today we're going to visit the Palace Museum。根据我们旅游日程安排,今天我们去故宫。

46、I suppose we'd better go to famous Yu Yuan Garden which is located in the southern part of the city of Shanghai。我想我们最好去有名的豫园,它坐落在上海老城的南端。

47、What can I do for you,sir?先生,要我为您做什么吗?

48、Where do you intend to take a trip today?您想到什么地方去旅游呢?

49、The bronze-animals around the platform are all hollow。周围青铜铸成的动物都是中空的。

50、They bring together the beauties of nature,architecture and painting。这些庭园,集自然美、建筑美和绘画美于一体。

51、The touring cab is waiting at the opposite parking ground。旅游车正等在对面的停车站。

52、Lush trees dot the slopes。绿树点缀山岗。

53、What's the length of Great Wall?长城究竟有多长?

54、That's in the all-day tour。 只有全天旅游去。

55、To the Nike Company,the fifth Avenue。到第5大街的耐克公司去。

56、How do I get to the bus station? 请问如何前往公车站?

57、Would you please tell me something about the city?你能告诉我有关这个城市的一些情况吗?

58、Does this car belong to you?这辆车是你自己的吗?

59、Vistors are struck by its ingenious architecture and exotic layout。但是来访者都被它独创性的建筑风格和奇异的布局所吸引。

60、I'm beginning to get a better idea of the size of the place,as I'm on a higher plane。现在我站在高处开始领会到这地方有多大了。

61、Shall we go to the top floor of the hall to have a bird's-eye view from there。我们是否到它的顶楼上去俯视一下。

62、I'll put myself completely in your hand。我一切听从你的安排。

63、How do I get to the train station? 请问如何前往火车站?

64、The last massive rebuilding of the Great Wall was in Ming Dynasty。长城的最后一次大规模重建是在明朝。

65、Yes,construction of the Wall first began during the Warring states Period about 500 years ago。是的,长城最早修建于约500年前的战国时期。

66、The summer Palace is the largest and the best pre-served of the imperial gardens in China。颐和园是中国最大也是保存得最好的皇家花园。

67、A few more steps will bring us to the top。再走几步我们就到顶了。

68、 I'd like to reserve a sleeper to Chicago。 我要预订去芝加哥的卧铺。

69、He said the cliff was called Jiyu Bei,which means Carp's Backbone。他说那座悬崖叫作“鲫鱼背”,意思就是鲫鱼的脊背。

70、Here rare and precious cultural relics are kept。这里保存着珍贵的文化遗迹。

71、We're approaching Badaling and you will see the Great Wall in a short while。我们快到八达岭了,你们很快就会看到长城。

72、This is such a lovely place。这地方令人心旷神恰。

73、The first thing I would like to tell you is that it was constructed and built up in the Ming Dynasty。首先,我要告诉你们的是这座花园创建于明朝。

74、What are those towers on the Wall spaced at regular distances from one another?城墙上每隔一段就有的那些塔是什么?

75、Yes,it looks very lovely and Picturesque。是的,看起来真是可爱而且美丽如画。

76、It is world-famous especially for its landscaped gardens。它尤其以它的园林闻名于世。

77、 We'll walk over to the White House for a visit。我们步行到白宫参观吧。

78、Could you give me some information about it,Miss Li?李小姐,你能给我们介绍一下吗?

79、my favourite season is autumn。 我最喜欢的季节是秋天。

80、Oh,It is gorgeous and elaborate,indeed。嗬,真是华丽精致。

81、They are beacon fire towers。那是烽火台。

82、 Do you use the metre?你使用计价器吗?

83、Yes,I'm interested in seeing the U。 N。 。 是,我想参观联合国总部。

84、We have three basic tours。 我们主要有三趟旅游。

85、And it has been reconstructed and restored during the past hundred years。往后花园经过近百年的重建和修复。

86、I also want to tell you a well-known legend。我还想告诉你们一个众所周知的传说。

87、It is called the Venice of the East because of its net work of canals。它河道密布,被称为东方的“威尼斯”。

88、That's a tour of all the most famous places。 这趟旅游可以参观所有最著名的地方。

89、 What is the rate?要多少钱啊?

90、Is there anything special you want to see? 你有什么专门要参观的吗?

91、It was here that the feudal emperors handled their daily affairs。这里是封建王朝处理朝政的地方。

92、It was built in the Ming Dynasty。Formerly banquet sand royal examations were held here。它在明朝建造的。从前御宴和御试都是在这里举行的。

93、It covers an area of 290 hectares,and has halls,pavilions,corridors and bridges almost everywhere。它占地290公顷,亭台楼阁和回廊小桥比比皆是。

94、 At the Hilton at nine thirty。 9 点半在希尔顿。

95、 I've rented the car since last year。我从去年租了这辆车。

96、This garden is called the Yu Yuan Garden which is on ancient one dating back to 400 years ago。这个花园名叫豫园,它是一座古老的花园,已有400年历史。

97、This is a good quality highway,and very wide。 这是一条很高级的快车道,而且很宽。

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